What Is STAR-CCM+?

Star-CCM+ is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) program that can be used to accurately simulate real life scenarios in fluid dynamics. You can either import a part/model from a CAD software or create a one on STAR-CCM+ itself. To simulate flow around/ through an object you need will need to setup the environment with the appropriate mesh and physics. By physics, we mean the physical models necessary to be applied to the system for the simulation to accurately represent what would happen in real life, the more complex the physics used, the greater the potential for the simulation to match real world results. The mesh basically splits your model up into many sections so that the program can carry out the required calculations on each section and formulate the flow around/through the object. Several initial and boundary conditions can be input to tailor the simulation to your specific needs, for instance the inital flow rate through the medium.

This program can be used in many applications to save costs on prototypes and tests. For example, if you’re designing a submarine, you may wish to design it on a CAD software and import it to STAR-CCM+ to save money on creating hundreds of prototypes to see what works and what doesn’t. It would also save time as creating the prototypes and then running tests may be slower than creating the model and running simulations on it.