Saving Work

CTRL+S does still apply to Star CCM+, however instead of ‘Save’ it is ‘Save as’, so using CTRL+S to save all the time might not be the most effective way to save your work, unless you want lots of different versions of your simulation. It will be worth backing up your simulation from time to time, as a simulation file can be very big, and can become corrupt if there isn’t enough space on your disk when it is trying to save.

To save, go on File, and click Save

Saving Work


and then choose your destination folder and click ‘Save’.

Saving Work 2


Once you have saved the simulation once, it will be much quicker and easier to click the save icon under the file bar.

Another saving work pic


NOTE: It is advisable to save the simulation on your own memory stick/hard drive as the simulation files can be very large.