Opening Star CCM+ and the Interface

This is a quick tutorial to show you how to open STAR CCM+ and explains the interface.

You can either open STAR CCM+ through the start menu (the easy ways) or through your program files. To do it through the start menu, click on the windows button and either, search STAR CCM+ which should immediately bring up the program, or after having clicked on the start button, click on “All Programs” then “CD-adapco” and the program should show up again. You can alternatively search through your program files to find it by first going to “My Computer”/”Computer” and following the route shown below and double click on starccmw.


It may take some time to load so don’t open it more than once out of frustration if you find that it is stuck at the splash screen shown below for a while.

star ccm+

When the program is open, you should be greeted with a window similar to the one shown below.

star ccm+2

Once you load up a simulation, the windows should have updated to look like those shown below.

star ccm+3

The window to the very left is called the explorer pane. This is where you’ll find the tree and where you’ll be able to introduce new functions and change them. The window below it is the properties window and this is where you’ll be able to change values of your mesh, physics, initial conditions etc.

To the top right you have the graphics window which is where you can generate scenes to see the object under examination, the mesh applied, residuals from the simulation, etc. Below it you will find the output window. This will display useful information such as the number of cells on your mesh, the number of iterations the simulation has gone through, the pressure drop, etc.