The Axes

Here, you will learn a few things about the axes, in particular controlling them and labelling them. You may achieve the same goals interactively using the tools in the figure windows (you can control the axes either interactively or by using code), but we will cover how to use code (because the tools and options in the figure windows are intuitive).

3.7.1 Controlling the Axes
You can set: axis limits, axis aspect ratios, axis visibilities and grid lines. Mathworks have a very good guide on how to achieve these so visit this link to learn more:

3.7.2 Axis Labels
As previously seen, we can add axis labels and titles to figures. For ease of reference, these are repeated below.

To change the title of the x-axis, you’d use the command xlabel(‘blah blah’). The same goes for the y-axis and, for 3-D graphs, the z-axis. Visit for an example.