Arithmetic Operators

This section is designed to get you acquainted with the basic arithmetic operators in MATLAB and would employ your understanding of Matrix Algebra.

Matrix Arithmetic

  • The Matrix Arithmetic operators essentially employ the rules of Linear Algebra; the syntax involved is very intuitive. Matrices A and B defined below would be used to illustrate these:


NB: Make a note of these matrices somewhere, they would be used for many of the coding examples that follow.

  • The inverse, inv(A) and transpose , A’ of matrix A can be found as shown below:


  • In order to define a new matrix as the output of a matrix operation, state that the matrix to be defined is equal to the desired command and NOT the other way around. For example, to define matrix, L as the transpose of A:


  • Finding the determinant, rank and eigenvalues of a matrix (NB: Again, it would be helpful to know what these terms actually mean or imply with regard to basic matrix calculations):

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