Part Design Glossary

Term Description
Body Inserts new body into the part, as seen on the tree.
Chamfer Creates a slope edge/chamfer feature to the selected edges of the part.
Constraint Creates a geometric or dimension relation between two or more profiles. These relationships are a restriction to the profile.
Deactivate To deactivate the behavior of a feature, visually and geometrically.
Draft angle A feature provided with a face with an angle by adding or removing material from the product.
Edge Fillet Rounding of an interior or exterior corner of the part
Groove A feature which will cut a specific shape out of the part; this is done by revolving a profile about an axis, which will relate to the material to be removed from the part.
Hole A feature corresponding to an opening through a feature. Holes can be simple, tapered, counterbored, countersunk or counterdrilled.
Mirror A feature created by duplicating a part with a respect to a plane. The duplication is defined by symmetry.
Pad A feature created by extruding a profile.
Part A 3D entity obtained by combining different features.
Part body A component of a part made of a combination of several features. i.e. comprises of a number of parts.
Pattern A set of similar features repeated in the same part.
Pocket A feature corresponding to an opening through a feature. The shape of the opening is controlled by the 2D sketch/profile that is created by the user.
Profile A closed shape including arcs and lines created by the profile command in sketch.
Reorder An operation that allows rearrangement of creations in the tree to allow a more organised structure.
Rib Creates a rib by sweeping a user-created profile along a center curve.
Scaling Resizes a feature to a percentage of their initial size.
Shaft Creates a 3D body by revolving a sketch about an axis.
Shell Creates a shell out of an existing 3D part by specifying one or more thicknesses.
Sketch Creates a 2D profile on a plane or the surface of an object.
Slot A feature consisting of a passage through a part obtained by sweeping a user defined profile along a center curve.
Split Divides a body into different parts by using a plane or face.
Stiffener A feature used for reinforcing a part body by adding material in between two parts.