Drawing Glossary

Term Description
Angle Dimension Create an angle dimension between two selected geometries
Axis line Creates an Axis Line
Axis line and centre line Creates an axis line and centre line between two circles
Area Fill creation Create an area fill i.e. hatched line fill in an enclosed area
Arrow Create a line with an arrow head
Chain Dimension Dimensions of features that are placed end to end instead of from a datum
Cumulated Dimension Unlike chain dimension, cumulated dimensions that cumulate from one features to another.
Chamfered Dimension Create a dimension for a chamfer
Create Interruption To make a break in a dimension lines
Clipping View Create a circular clip view
Clipping View Profile Create a clip view of a specific profile
Centre line Create a centre line
Centre line with reference Create a centre line with reference to a element
Dimension Creates a dimension of a line or between two line
Diameter Dimension Creates a diameter dimension of a circle (arc)
Detail View Create a circular magnified view
Detail View Profile Create a magnified view of a specific profile shape
Front View Create Front View of the object
Generate dimension Catia generates dimensions automatically
Generate dimension step by step Auto Generation of dimension are shown step by step
New Sheet Create a new drawing sheet (on the same file)
Off-set section view Create a section view
Off-set Section cut Create a Section cut
Projection view Create a Projection view
Auxiliary view Create an Auxiliary view
Radius Dimension Create a Radius Dimension of a circle (arc)
Re-route dimension Re-route a selected dimension to another element
Remove Interruption Remove interruption created by create interruption
Roughness symbol Creates a roughness symbol
Stake Dimension Dimensions multiple features that with respect to a datum
Thread Dimension Creates a dimension for a threaded hole
Text Create a text box
Text with leader Create a text box with leader
Table Create a Table
Thread Create a centre line in a threaded hole
Thread with reference Create a centre line in a threaded hole with reference to an element
View creation wizard Customize auto generation of views
Welding symbol Create a welding symbol
Weld Create a Weld