Assembly Glossary

Term Description
Active Component A certain component of the product that is the in work object i.e. currently being edited. The part name will be highlighted in the specification tree.
Angle Constraint A constraint that defines the angle between 2 geometric elements.
Assembly A product composed of various components positioned relative to each other.
Bill of Material Data list about properties of components contained in the active component.
Child Component Component derived from another component.
Coincidence Constraint A constraint used to coincide 2 elements.
Component A part in an assembly. It has characteristics about how it is integrated in an assembly.
Constraint A geometrical or dimensional relation between geometric elements of components.
Contact Constraint A constraint used to stick 2 surfaces together.
Fixed Component A component with no degree of freedom – locked in its position and orientation.
Leaf Component Last component at the end of each branch of the specification tree.
Manipulation Freehand translation or rotation of a component using the mouse.
Offset Constraint A constraint used to define the distance between 2 geometric elements.
Parent Component A component from which child components are derived from.
Part A 3D entity imported from Part Design.
Product A 3D entity containing several components / parts, also know as an assembly
Reference Product or part with its own characteristics
Snap Projects a geometry element onto another one.
Subassembly An assembly contained within another assembly.
Update Bring up to date the assembly; will include any changes made to components and relationship between components.