Render a Part or Assembly

Rendering can be a useful tool when you want to quickly create a virtual mock-up of a part or assembly that you are working on. It is entirely possible in CATIA to do this easily and effectively using the Photo Studio Easy Tools. Shaped like a camera, this can be found in the toolbar section.

render 1

Firstly, you will need a part or an assembly. The example used here is an angle bracket assembly, but you can use whatever you want; it does not matter for this tutorial. Before we can start rendering, it is a good idea to apply a material to the part(s) in order to make full use of the render tool. This can be done easily using the Apply Material tool. There are many presets available so have a look around for the one you would like to use. In this example, a range of metals as well as some slightly sillier materials such as the bathroom floor are used.

render 2

Once you have selected the materials, click the Photo Studio Easy Tool and it will take you to a slightly different view. In this view, you can move your part/assembly around to a position which you would like to render from. There is also a small list of render options that enable you to turn on realistic lighting and improve the quality of the rendering. Once you have decided on a view you like, click the Rendering Options and it will begin transforming your part into a rendered version.

render 4

As you can see below, it is a high quality tool to use and is very useful. You can save the image directly from CATIA using the save image option on the toolbar.

render 5render 7