Fillet Radius Tool

The Fillet Radius tool is used to round off features on a part; these can be internal or external edges. There are a number of reasons why this might be done.

Internal edges are rounded to:

  • Reduce Stress Concentration
  • Remove Sharp Edges
  • Reduce Interference Drag

External edges are rounded to:

  • Remove Sharp Edges

The fillet tool in CATIA is very simple to use; however, some issues can sometimes occur if it is not used correctly.

The Fillet Radius tool can be found in the ‘Dress-Up Features’ toolbar, as shown below;


The edge fillet tool is found in the ‘Dress-Up Features’ Toolbar, and in the image on the left it is highlighted as to which one it is. Once clicked, select the edges you want to apply a radius. You can select the edges first then press the tool as well. To select multiple edges remember to use the control key simultaneously with the left click. Then enter the radius value you want.

Fillet Radius 1

Once clicked, select the edges to which you want to apply a radius. Multiple edges can be selected using the control key. From the dialogue box, choose a radius and make sure the parameter is set to “tangency”. Other options can be used for more complex applications.

Click ok.

Fillet Radius 2

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