Chamfer Tool

A Chamfer adds a bevelled or angled corner to the edge of a part. They can be used to remove sharp external edges created in castings or machined parts

The Chamfer tool in CATIA is easy enough to use, and can be found in the “Dress-Up Features” toolbar. It can only be applied to edges so make sure that you select the correct feature of your part when chamfering. The icon looks like this;

tool icon

Typically, you will want to create a Chamfer using a length and angle definition. Your CATIA may have the “length and length” setting selected as default, which can be changed by entering the drop down menu and selecting the “length and angle” option as shown below;

drop down menu

Click the chamfer tool, and then select an edge to chamfer. Choose the desired parameters. A representation of your selection should be shown in green on the edge that you have selected;

green representation

Click ok, and the part should look like this;

Chamfer 2

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