Close Surface Tool

Close surface is a feature that fills up the empty spaces between surfaces. It is particularly useful in situations where a manufacturer sends CAD files in surface forms, often as an IGES file.

To begin using the using this feature, create a surface that you desire.



Click on the Close Surface icon


A CloseSurface definition box will pop out. Select the Surface where you want to close.



Click OK when done.


In this example, the geometry is simple. Note that with complex geometry, the surface will not close successfully unless it is a single, fully enclosed volume. This may involve joining many surfaces together before the Close Surface function will work.

See the Close Surface (complex) for a more complex geometry. This is a brake caliper imported in IGES format. The surfaces are all joined and then a solid is created. This is what you would get from a manufacturer.

Brake Calliper

Brake Calliper solid