Points Tool

Points are reference elements that are used to create a line, axis system and complex shapes. The Point icon can be found in the Reference Element toolbar


After clicking the icon you are presented with Point Definition box.

point definition box


By clicking the green padlock symbol, it allows us to prevent an automatic change of point type while selecting a geometry. Simply clicking changes its colour to red and locks the point type.

The user can choose the point type in the point definition box.

Point type

There are several ways to construct a point:

  • Coordinates
  • On Curve
  • On Plane
  • On Surface
  • Circle/Sphere/Ellipse centre
  • Tangent on curve
  • Between


Example – Coordinate

In this mode, the user can construct a point by specifying the X, Y, Z coordinates.


Before specifying the X, Y, Z coordinate, remember to select your reference point and axis system. Failure to do so might result in points being constructed in the wrong place. On most occasions, the Default Origin point and Absolute Axis System are used.


Finally, specify the coordinate and click ok to construct it.

Coordinate 2