Icon Index

A list of icons in CATIA and their function names, where to find them and a tutorial if available. If a tutorial is available, it will be marked with ‘Y’ and clicking on the icon takes you to its tutorial page. Remember if you can’t find an icon, go to View > Toolbars and then see if the toolbar is visible. If it is visible but you still can’t find it, try pulling some other toolbars off the sidebars. To search for an icon name hit CTRL/CMD then F.


 Function  Icon  Location  Tutorial
Draft Analysis  Analysis 1 Analysis N
Curvature Analysis  Analysis 2 Analysis N
Thread Analysis  Analysis 3 Analysis N
Wall Thickness Analysis  Analysis 4 Analysis Y
Constraint Defined in Dialog Box  Constraints 1 Constraint Y
Constraint  Constraints 2 Constraint N
Edge Fillet  Dress Up 1 Dress Up Y
Variable Radius Fillet  Dress Up Features sub1 2 Dress Up > Edge Fillet N
Chordal Fillet  Dress Up Features sub1 3 Dress Up > Edge Fillet N
Face-Face Fillet  Dress Up Features sub1 4 Dress Up > Edge Fillet N
Tritangent Fillet  Dress Up Features sub1 5 Dress Up > Edge Fillet N
Chamfer  Dress Up 2 Dress Up Y
Draft Angle  Dress Up 3 Dress Up N
Draft Reflect Line  Dress Up Features sub2 2 Dress Up > Draft Angle N
Variable Angle Draft  Dress Up Features sub2 3 Dress Up > Draft Angle N
Shell  Dress Up 4 Dress Up Y
Thickness  Dress Up 5 Dress Up Y
Thread/Tap  Dress Up 6 Dress Up N
Remove Face  Dress Up 7 Dress Up N
Replace Face  Dress Up Features sub3 2 Dress Up > Remove Face N
Dynamic Sectioning  Dynamic Sectioning 1 Dynamic Sectioning Y
Point  Reference Elements Extended 1 Reference Elements (Extended) Y
Line  Reference Elements Extended 2 Reference Elements (Extended) Y
Plane  Reference Elements Extended 3 Reference Elements (Extended) Y
Pad  Sketch Based Features 1 Sketch Based Features Y
Drafted Filleted Pad  Sketch Based Features sub1 2 Sketch Based Features > Pad N
Multi-Pad  Sketch Based Features sub1 3 Sketch Based Features > Pad N
Pocket  Sketch Based Features 2 Sketch Based Features Y
Drafted Filleted Pocket  Sketch Based Features sub2 2 Sketch Based Features > Pocket N
Multi-Pocket  Sketch Based Features sub2 3 Sketch Based Features > Pocket N
Shaft  Sketch Based Features 3 Sketch Based Features Y
Groove  Sketch Based Features 4 Sketch Based Features Y
Hole  Sketch Based Features 5 Sketch Based Features Y
Rib  Sketch Based Features 6 Sketch Based Features N
Slot  Sketch Based Features 7 Sketch Based Features N
Stiffener  Sketch Based Features 8 Sketch Based Features N
Solid Combine  Sketch Based Features sub3 2 Sketch Based Features > Stiffener N
Multi-sections Solid  Sketch Based Features 9 Sketch Based Features Y
Remove Multi-sections Solid  Sketch Based Features 10 Sketch Based Features N
Sketch  Sketcher 1 Sketch N
Positioned Sketch  Sketcher sub1 2 Sketch > Sketch N
Thick Surface  Surface Based Features 1 Surface Based Features Y
Split  Surface Based Features sub1 1 Surface Based Features > Thick Surface Y
Close Surface  Surface Based Features sub1 3 Surface Based Features > Thick Surface Y
Sew Surface  Surface Based Features sub1 4 Surface Based Features > Thick Surface N
Translation  Transformation Features 1 Transformation Features Y
Rotation  Transformation Features sub1 2 Transformation Features > Translation N
Symmetry  Transformation Features sub1 3 Transformation Features > Translation N
Axis to Axis  Transformation Features sub1 4 Transformation Features > Translation N
Mirror  Transformation Features 2 Transformation Features Y
Rectangular Pattern Transformation Features 3 Transformation Features Y
Circular Pattern Transformation Features sub2 2 Transformation Features > Rectangular Pattern Y
User Pattern Transformation Features sub2 3 Transformation Features > Rectangular Pattern Y
Scaling Transformation Features 4 Transformation Features Y
Affinity Transformation Features sub3 2 Transformation Features > Scaling N
Assemble Boolean Operations 1 Boolean Operations N
Add Boolean Operations 2 Boolean Operations Y
Remove Boolean Operations sub1 2 Boolean Operations > Add Y
Intersect Boolean Operations sub1 3 Boolean Operations > Add Y
Union Trim Boolean Operations 3 Boolean Operations N
Remove Lump Boolean Operations 4 Boolean Operations N