Catalogue Browser Tool

In CATIA, there is a whole catalogue full of standard mechanical parts that you can use within your assemblies. Although possible to use the catalogue whilst in the part design workbench there is not much point in doing so. The toolbar for this tool looks like this;

catalog 1

To begin using it, click the icon. This menu should appear;

catalog 2

As you can see, there is a fairly comprehensive list of basic parts that you may wish to use. Double clicking the parts will open more options. For example opening the bolts section will open a list of the various styles of bolts;

catalog 3

Opening one of these will lead you to the final option menu which allows you to select the size that you wish to use. These are all ISO standard sizes with their various measurements listed next to their name. To get to the other standards you can use the drop down menu at the top.

catalog 4

To import the part you want into the assembly, just double click it; this should place it at the origin; press ‘ok’ and that’s it! The part can then be manipulated as you would any other part.

catalog 5